My First Blog Post!

Wow!! I don’t even know where to start! This is the 8th day here in Cape Verde and I can’t describe to you all the beauty that I’ve seen in every area. The day we arrived was very relaxed because we were all very tired, but Ashlyn got incredibly sick. Our whole team has really been sad about it! Please continue to pray for her and her health.

The 2nd day we did a scavenger hunt that really allowed us to bond. We were able to see an amazing lighthouse while we were out. In Portuguese they call it O Farol de Maria Pia. Everything here is just very beautiful in it’s own right. I am really enjoying it!

The 3rd day is when things began to really become more real! Our amazing friend Serge started teaching us a small amount of Portuguese so we could get around better. I really enjoy language so I was extremely excited about that! That night we also went to a Prayer Meeting at our Igreja (church) in Terra Branca. That was really exciting as well!

Day 4 We traveled to Cidade Velha, the oldest city in Cape Verde! It was a beautiful city. we visited a really neat Fort and also walked down into a valley to walk on the very first road in Cape Verde. After our 2 hour tour of the city, Derek and Lauren took us to this really nice natural pool. We had a really fun time there, although the water was INCREDIBLY salty! That night God began to work amongst our team! We were having some chemistry issues but God really opened our eyes and allowed us to begin loving each other better.

Day 5 some of our group went to breakfast at a Padaria (a bakery), which by the way is fantastic! After that Derek went over some basic rules that we need to follow and then we had a team meeting with just the students to talk about all the struggles we were having! It was such a fruitful time with each other and just another step to loving each other well. Ashlyn was still sick and we were still actively praying for her! Later in the day we went down to Plateau, which is basically just this big area with a ton of small stores to shop at. That night we had a movie night with the team! Overall just a really fun day!

Day 6 was a really relaxed day! We were able to sleep in till about 8 or 9 and then we went over to Derek and Laurens house to meet. When we got there Derek told us we were going to go on a 30 or 40 minute prayer walk. We basically just walked around the city and prayed over each house and person we come in contact with or just anything on our hearts. We found out we are getting 2 more girls coming here to Cape Verde that were originally supposed to go to South Africa but the visas didn’t get approved. We have been praying for them and are really excited for them to get here. The girls had a baby shower to go to later that afternoon so us guys took a walk to the beach to just relax for a few. That night we went to dinner at a place called “Special” they have a ton of amazing food! Side note: First time in a taxi today.

Day 7 we had church! Wow we had been preparing music to sing in the service and the outcome was amazing! God really moved not only us but the whole church! One of my favorite church experiences maybe ever!! We met a friend named Leah who has been a missionary all over the world! she shared her story with us. Later that afternoon we traveled about an hour up to the north side of the island to go to a different church. The drive was spectacular and the service was really nice. We met so many awesome people! I am really excited to go back!


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