Blog 2

We have officially made it through 2 weeks here in Cape Verde! This blog is going to be a little different than my first. I’m going to take you through the week as a whole rather than each individual day.

This week has been a really incredible week. Although it has definitely come with some challenges. This last Tuesday was our first time at Projecto Pepe, a preschool ministry we will be working with a whole lot. The guys went to the Asada Matu location on Tuesday. The girls went to Terra Branca. I really really enjoyed Asada Matu! For the most part the kids were all very well behaved and it felt very organized! We also had our first language class! That was really exciting for me because language is something I really value. Our teachers name is Deizy. She is really sweet, and just a great teacher! Our teammate Micah is really gifted in language and is actually going to be enrolled in a Creole class because he already knows a lot of Portuguese. We are all really excited for him, but also pretty sad because he won’t be in our class.

The next day we all were able to tour the universities here in Cape Verde. This was actually a really tough day for me. Home sickness was hitting, some of our teams attitudes were pretty down which as a result just kind of brought me down as well. We finished that day with our “American Church” which is basically just our team having a Bible study where someone leads music and another person leads the actually Bible study. I thought this was a very fruitful time for our team. Thursday looked a lot like Tuesday. The big difference was that the guys went to Terra Branca for Projecto Pepe and the girls went to Asada Matu. I was a lot more tired after visiting Pepe in Terra Branca! There was just a lot more kids so I was pretty much always doing something!

The weekend was really nice! Our two new girls got here super late Thursday night. Their names are Madison and Madeline. We are incredibly excited to have them here with us! On Friday went out as a group in the morning and had a prayer walk. We basically just walk around the city taking turns praying over the houses and the people and anything else you feel lead to. OH also we had French toast for breakfast and lemme tell ya, Mana makes some amazing French toast!! For those of you who don’t know, Mana is our helper. She just helps us cook clean and honestly just be our friend. She is the sweetest woman ever! She works so so hard and she is 7 months pregnant! She blows my mind with just how awesome she is!!

So Saturday was a really special day. Friday night we had a team meeting with Derek and he told us our 3rd thing we need to learn to do while we are here. The 1st two are Love each other well and be flexible. the 3rd is make disciples. So Saturday morning we went out and we were told to just go make friends and thats just what we did. We were in groups of 3. Me, Abigail and Madison were in a group and we had so much fun! We were able to meet and talk to 7 new people. I ask that you pray for our new friends as we plan to follow up with them and Lord willing share Jesus with them.

Our weekend in whole was very relaxed! We went to the beach everyday!! Needless to say, I got pretty sunburnt, but not near as bad as Matthias… that poor guy. Sunday was really nice as well! Our pastor is back from the states and we were able to hear him preach at our church for the first time! Anywho, ill go ahead and wrap this up. Please continue to have me and my team in your prayers!


Specific prayer requests: Unity among our team (Love each other well), that we would have flexible hearts, all of our friends that we have met, that the language would come easily to my team.




4 thoughts on “Blog 2

  1. The favorite part of my day was reading your update! Your mom and I look forward to talking with you in a little bit. Let me pray for you and your team: “Father, I pray the Love of Christ would abound more and more. That even the locals would be aware of YOU by their love for each other! I pray for unity and oneness with the team. May you guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus! YOUR love is enough to keep this team strong and full of light! Lord, help them to stay focused on making disciples. May you give each of them a friend to share YOUR love and grace! May you allow them to see fruit for their labor! I thank you for Derek and Lauren and their sweet girls. May you give them wisdom and strength as they lead this amazing team! Let it ALL be for YOUR GLORY! In Jesus name, Amen.”

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  2. isaac you have the sweetest heart ever!!! I felt like you were sitting in front of me as I read your blog I can tell it is from your heart, I can hear your enthusiasm and know God will use you on this journey. I love you so much praying for you and your team

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