Blog 3

Week 3 has come and gone! Its been a busy week! Things are all starting to kind of fall into place. Im starting to figure out ministries and I can involve myself in!

So we can start with Monday! It was Madison’s birthday and a free day so needless to say it was a very relaxing day. We had a meeting in the Diva in the morning about preparing for our first full week of Pepe! It was a really nice time of preparation. Later that day we went to the beach. There was really nice weather that day too which made it that much better. Then for dinner we went to all of our favorite burger place! Its called “Special.” It is quite possibly my favorite burger I’ve ever had. I mean it has fries on it for goodness sakes! Any who we capped off Monday with some really tasty cake and our tradition of speaking a loving word into the birthday boy/girls life.

Tuesday is where the week truly began! Pepe is now in full swing. We were separated into 3 groups for the 3 different locations of Pepe. On my team was Ashlyn and Michelle. We had no idea what to except with Sao Felipe because none of the team had visited it yet. We were definitely nervous, but after we got there we loved it. The kids were great, the teachers were great, and even the facility was great. I was really pleased! We also are expected to teach English which is soooooo much fun!

Wednesday the madness continued with more Pepe but it really only got better! The kids are more familiar and really just cling to you more. It’s really sweet! Language class was really great today! I mean for me I always really enjoy it, but today especially there was just a lot of laughs. Ive been really impressed with my team lately. I think we’ve done a great job of loving each other well and being flexible. For American team cult church, a few others on our team shared there stories and I was blown away by their vulnerability and just willingness to share. Overall a great time.

Thursday was personally one of my favorite days. So in summary, Pepe was great, language was great again, but after all of that Matthias and I got to play basketball! I was so happy but seriously as soon as I got out there I got hit in the face and my contact fell out so I barely could see anything plus it was dark…. so I looked pretty bad but I made due.

Friday was an extremely productive day for us. That morning we had a meeting with Diva and Pastor. We discussed  how the week went and just sang songs and prayed about any struggles we had at Pepe and also our best moments. My group had such an amazing week at Pepe! Then Pastor gave us an encouraging word straight out of the Holy Word! A few hours later Pastor came back to give us some evangelism and discipleship training. It was a great time but I will say it was the longest training I’ve been in! I think we sat in the room for 4 or 5 hours, but wow it was soooo helpful and it taught me so much about how to share the Gospel and eventually begin discipling!

Saturday was basically a free day. Matthias and I basically hung out all morning and I just really enjoyed the time we got to spend together. At 3:30 we all met at Derek’s house to go to the Cape Verde vs. Senegal game! It was a World Cup Qualifier game meaning it was a big game but we lost… 2-0.

Sunday was another great day! Church was amazing, but what I didn’t know is that there was a wedding ceremony that happened as a part of the service! It was the craziest thing! After that was pretty much another relaxed day!

Prayer requests: Wisdom! We begin our discipleship groups this week and I’m definitely pretty nervous!! Prayer for all the kids and their families at Projecto Pepe, continued unity for our team, flexible hearts and a continued desire to learn and grow.



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