Blog 5

So, I forgot to write last week. Our schedule was a lot different this week so I wasn’t paying attention to time as much. Boy oh boy it has been quite the 2 weeks lemme tell ya! I hardly can even remember what happened before this week! Im really glad I’ve been journaling otherwise I would be completely lost on what to write about. Im going to do my best to summarize and condense everything, so bear with me.

Okay, so to begin we will review any important events that happened the week of the 16th. I applied to college!! I know I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but I’m pretty pumped. It was a cool experience especially doing it from another country. We began our ministry with campus crusaders at the local university here. Guess what?! 3 people got saved!! So this is incredible news! We also had our basketball ministry bible study and we had 8 people come, a large improvement from 1 last week!

So I got busy and didn’t journal for a few weeks but we had a team from West Virginia come in 2 Fridays ago. Matthias and I went to the airport with Derek to pick them up and we probably didn’t get home until 2:30 am. We were extremely saddened to find out they had a teammate with them named Sabrina that was very very sick. She attended a Cape Verdean hospital for a couple days before being sent to Portugal to get better care. She is now doing a lot better!

Saturday I woke up really late with Matthias at about 11! It was really nice!!!! Derek gave us the morning off because we had been up so late. Later that afternoon Ashlyn, Hadassah, Matthias and I all went to the beach. We didn’t stay long. We ventured over to the Light House of Maria Pia to go swim in some of the natural pools around it, but to our surprise the walls of the pools were covered in sea urchins! We decided to just walk around in marvel of the beauty of our home here in Cape Verde. After a few minutes, instead of going home the normal way, Matthias had the bright idea to just walk around the shore and hopefully make it home that way. On our way around we ran into a geyser! It was pretty astonishing. I had never seen anything like that before. We had to be very very careful though because we could’ve easily fallen in the massive geyser hole covered in sea urchins, but we didn’t. It makes for quite the story! We took some pictures, got soaked,  and decided it was time to head home.

Okay, heres where things get good…. and bad, but mainly good. This week we had the West Virginia team here to give us some evangelism training! I don’t remember what happened day by day so I am just going to give you a synopsis of this week. So, early in the week we went around Palmarejo just evangelising to people. God works in crazy ways but I ended up with 3 others walking Derek and Lauren street. We had the blessing of talking to a few people, but one that was very special to me was a man named Buba. Buba is Derek and Laurens security guard. He lost his mother a week or two ago. He’s a muslim from Guinea Bissau. Every day I see him and a few of his guard friends set up playing cards at about 4:30. I had been feeling a strong conviction to share the Gospel of Jesus with them. God had beautifully placed this opportunity in front of my face. All I had to do was take it. I walked up to him and began talking to him, prayed for him, and shared a few stories with him. I asked if I could come back and read the Bible with him. With excitement he said yes. I was able to get a hold of a Bible translated into Creole. I went back with Micah and we shared with him and the Holy Spirit is moving!! I believe He can change Bubas life!

This week at Projecto Pepe we were doing house visits and sharing the Gospel. During these house visits this week we have seen somewhere around 7 people saved!! Hadassah and Michelle are discipling a young woman named Titi and she gave her life to Christ this week! Get this, the night Titi got saved, Hadassah had gone over there with 101 degree fever but felt like she needed to go and God used that! The devil has pretty much done everything in his power to destroy us this week but we saw God come out the victor so many times this week.

My team had really been struggling with a lot of things this week and weeks prior. We were able to have multiple meetings this week and we began to see God work in the teams hearts. I know my heart continues to just be changed and shaped by the Lord. I am very encouraged by it.

I don’t have much left but I have a couple more things I want to share. We also went evangelising in Terra Branca, where our church is, and the result was great. Derek, Viviana, and I went to Pão Quente (Hot Bread) to look for someone to talk to. I was pretty nervous, but Derek encouraged me to just ask the Lord to guide me where he wants me and I did just that. Within a minute we were in a conversation with a man just sitting on a curb next to the road. Y’all aren’t going to believe this, but his name is Buba. He is a muslim from Guinea Bissau. I was able to have a long fruitful conversation with him. It was crazy. It felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking for me. One thing that really blew my mind is something that both of my newfound friends named Buba told me. They both said “What you’re doing right now really shows me that you care. It shows me that you are my friend.” My heart was so shook because all of the sudden I had the realization that sometimes all someone wants is just someone else to take a second and just really talk to them. Buba was extremely receptive of the message and asked me if I will share more stories with him. Low on time, I asked him if we could meet again next week. We are going to meet on Wednesday and I am going to share some more stories about Jesus! I am very excited!!

So needless to say God is working!!! I want to just thank every single person who invested into this trip whether through consistent prayer or money. I am abundantly blessed and appreciated!!

Prayer Requests: Unity unity unity, that God would continue to use me and others and reach both of my friends named Buba, the West Virginia team now that they are home that God would use them in might ways there, and health for my team


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  1. I feel so full of joy after reading your blog and your excitement over spreading God’s word is amazing. I continue to pray for unity within the team. I pray that you will all continue to be there for each other and to lift each other up. So proud of what y’all have already done and what you will continue to do in His wonderful name.

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