Blog 6

Wow, where has time gone? It feels like yesterday we were boarding a plane to get here and it’s already almost been 2 months. I don’t want time to pass by so quickly. A wise friend once told me “Time only passes by quickly when we fail to pay attention to the details.” I’ll never forget how long our first week was. After I began to digest what my friend said, it really became true. I was acknowledging every tiny detail our first week, just taking it in. Now, it appears as if I’ve been failing to pay attention to the details. It’s incredibly easy to just go through the motions if you aren’t careful. I’m presented with a choice every day whether to be intentional with the Gospel or just try to be present. This is me almost just talking to myself, but I really want to commit to being even more intentional with where I am.

Now to get on with this blog! I’m going to talk about a few things that happened this week. Monday and Tuesday were both relatively normal days. Wednesday was different though. Wednesday our group was involved in day of the dead ministry. A few of us stayed back and prayed, some helped with medical things and others went out and were just trying to encourage people at the cemetery. Matthias, Micah, Derek and I started at the cemetery walking around telling people about our free medical services and If we saw people grieving we would just encourage them and love on them. It was very difficult. It’s tough to talk to a woman who just lost her son even if it is just encouragement and love. After a few hours, we went back to where the prayer warriors are and joined them. That was incredible for me. I just felt the Holy Spirit all over that place. It was overwhelming!

So, later that afternoon I was scheduled to meet with my friend Buba that I had met the previous Wednesday. Micah decided to go with me to help me translate. After a few hours of prepping for this lesson, we went to Pão Quente to meet him. I was incredibly disappointed to see that he never showed up. I am going to try to contact him and attempt to meet with him again this Wednesday. After we left that we went to a church service at Cruz de Papa which is the park type place. It was basically the Baptist churches in this area combining for one service. It was an awesome time!

I had a fairly good weekend! Friday was a nicer, kind of relaxed day. Derek and I went to play basketball Friday evening until about 9-9:30! Matthias was off doing irrigation work for a man he is discipling in the Interior so it was okay that he missed basketball. Then Saturday morning Matthias, Derek and I went to play basketball again. I was pretty much completely beat after that! At 4 pm Michelle and I had to go to the church for worship rehearsal. This was the first worship rehearsal I had ever been to. I was preparing to sing Because He Lives. After 3 hours a bunch of other people showed up to release for this Christmas event we are having in December. It was long and I was very tired afterwards. After all was said and don’t we had been singing for 4 1/2 hours.

Sunday I actually had the privilege of leading worship for the first time. It was so amazing and I am definitely going to continue doing that while I’m here! After church we got to eat at Pão Quente which always makes me happy cause I love that place. On Sunday night we heading to the interior for discipling. The guy my group typically disciples wasn’t there but his girlfriend and kids were there, so we just taught them. For some reason I began to feel incredibly sick right before we left which was just a bad time to feel sick because we were about to have to fit 20 people into a Hiace that fits 12 people… it was not easy. With all things said, overall this week was really good!

Prayer Requests: Unity among the team, God continues to work in Buba’s heart, fruitful times when our team is discipling, Energy for our team, boldness sharing the gospel.


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  1. Praying for all of you and the journey you are on. God has big plans for each of you and I love reading your blogs and you are so on fire for Jesus that it shows!!!

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