Blog 7

I have now been in Cape Verde 8 Mondays. Things are beginning to settle in a little more. We are now pretty much in our full routine. We’ve made a lot of friends. Hopefully none of us have made any enemies. Things are definitely pretty good.

Now, to dive in to whats been happening…. This week has been tough for me. If you ask me why, I most likely won’t have an answer for you but its just been off. Emotionally I guess you could say I just have been off. I’ve been struggling to be consistent in my journaling and my devotion, things that were easy for me to do the first 6 weeks suddenly became more difficult. Luckily this week I was able to meet with a very good friend of mine here and we just talked and went to the Word and just discussed it and he encouraged me in a lot of ways. It appeared to be just what I needed. Just like my dad always goes back to when I start to “waiver” a little; 1 Thessalonians 5:16 says “Rejoice always” There is always something to rejoice about because Jesus is on the throne and He is in control of my life and whats going on around me. I just have to hold steadfast to that truth.

My blogs are probably going to become slightly shorter because I’m not going to talk about the days that we do the same thing every week, unless something out of the ordinary happens.

So Wednesday night we met with our new Friend Mohammed. He is a brilliant guy. Any who, we all met him at a restaurant called Africafè. Mohammed’s wife owns it and they serve all sorts of DELICIOUS food. I’m talking stuff like cheesecake, quiche, brownies, etc… you get the idea. It’s good. Thats not the reason we met him though. He spent a number of years in the US so he knows English really well, but he was teaching us about African history. If you know me well, you know I really enjoy history so I was really excited about it. We had discussion about a number of topics surrounding African history for about an an hour and a half. Micah and I had to leave a little early because we told Buba that we would meet him at 8 o’clock. We got to talk to Buba about the story of Zacchaeus. It was a really good time and I’m just really looking forward to the next time we have the opportunity to talk to him.

If we skip ahead a few days, its Saturday morning. As usual, Matthias, Derek, Joseph and I all went to play basketball. Here’s the special part of it. We went to Africafè. We originally had planned to walk but Derek decided to go with us which means we got to ride in the van. On Saturday mornings they have a buffet, but we had no idea what to expect. So, we walk in and Mohammeds wife greets us and lets us know the buffet included CINNAMON ROLLS, PANCAKES, AND CREPES….. On the inside I was crying tears of joy. I ended up eating somewhere around 4 or 5 cinnamon rolls, 3 pancakes, 1 crepe, 2 big spoonfuls of fried bananas, avocado toast, 2 bowls of yogurt with fruit and a couple of other things. And get this… only $8. I was so happy. There is nothing better than playing basketball and getting to eat all that food.

Sunday night we went to the Interior as we do every Sunday but this Sunday was special because instead of all going to disciple our separate houses we all met in one church. Pastor Emmanuel preached about Abraham. The guy that I am discipling got saved last night. It was such a HUGE blessing to see that. His name is Bamba. Keep him in your prayers as we begin to help him grow in his walk.


Prayer requests: Me to continue to rejoice in the Lord, Bamba, that Bubas eyes and heart would be opened to what the Lord has for him and the words Micah and I are sharing with him, Joy for my whole team, and Unity.


3 thoughts on “Blog 7

  1. Isaac, this was uplifting as always and I will continue to pray for you and that you will “Rejoice always!” I’m always amazed at how you turn even the not so good into something awesome! Continued prayers for the lives you are touching.


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