Blog 8

I am pretty sure everything about this week has been different from normal, and no, that’s not a bad thing. To quote a friend of mine, “My week has been…. African Amazing!!!!!” It’s true. Something about this week not being the norm has made it a little more interesting.

For starters, I’ve been able to get back in routine. I know what you’re thinking “Didn’t he just say this week has not been normal?” Yes that is correct, but I’m referring to the little things that make a big difference. This week I began journaling consistently again. Journaling started to feel more like a chore after a few weeks but I am finally getting back to the point where it is becoming routine. I am enjoying it more. I have definitely been in the Word more this week than previous! On top of that Derek has us doing a devotion that I’ve been able to consistently do throughout the week. These little things have made ALL the difference and if you don’t read the Bible I highly encourage it because it highly encourages me.

Now, lets talk about the week…. I apologize for the length this blog will be. Fair warning if you don’t like reading, turn back now!

We will start with last Monday. Allow me to set the scene. I’m sitting outside the mini market, 9 a.m., cool morning, bright sun, dogs laying near me, and a man standing over me. The man looks at me and says something in what appears to Creole. I didn’t really understand what he was saying until he repeated it about 5 times, then it clicked. He was asking me to buy him a pizza and a coke. I chuckled a little bit because surely he was joking but come to find out, he was not. We wouldn’t leave me alone so after debating both in my head and with him for about 10 minutes, I decided to buy him a small pastry and a coke. So I tell the guy to sit with me after he gets his food and he seems so uncomfortable. I attempted to make some conversation and it seemed everything I asked or said was shot down by a strange response. For example, I asked him what his name was and he responded are you going to journal it and then started mumbling something about the police…. I became a little concerned. After about 10 minutes, Micah showed up and reminded me that this guy is the guy who goes around washing cars and stealing stuff in them. I knew something was a little off about him but for some reason I just didn’t make that connection. Soon after Micah said that, he left with his car washing supplies.

Tuesday was a pretty nice and easy day! The only this that was different was our language test. We had a written and oral test to see if we move on to Portuguese 2. It was pretty difficult, but I think that I passed! We are still waiting to find out. After I got out of the test Derek asked me to go with him to help get our water filter machine replaced. They told us they would probably be able to have it repaired the following day. It’s still not fixed… but I’m not complaining. Its just part of life. Oh and I almost forgot to mention this. Our power went out on Tuesday as well because of a bill that didn’t get paid in August before we were ever there so that was fun. The guys went about 4 or 5 days without water or power. It was quite the experience. Derek, Lauren and all the girls were so generous with their space to let us take showers and such. I was so appreciative!

Wednesday was another really nice day! After Pepe, Matthias and I went to our favorite juice place, Moringo. We chilled there for awhile before we ended up heading over to our friend Joseph’s house. We hung out with him for awhile before we had to run over to JMBM, our basketball ministry where we teach kids how to play basketball. On our way over I saw a kid with a familiar face. I couldn’t remember his name but we had talked on a number of conversations. I found out his name was Helder. He asked me if I was going to play basketball because I was holding a basketball and I replied “Yes! You need to come with me!” I repeated it like 4 times and every time he would respond “Are you sure?” or “Really?” I just kept repeating myself until eventually he stood up and began walking with me and Matthias. Afterwards, I asked him if he liked it or if he had fun and he was extremely excited when I told him we do this 2 or 3 times a week. We will definitely be seeing him again.

Thursday I attended my first funeral in Cape Verde. Pastor Emmanuels aunt recently passed away at a young age. Keep him and his family in your prayers. We arrived at the funeral at about 10 a.m. and the second you pull onto the property you can hear people screaming and crying. Its a really tough thing to see. There was probably about 200 people at her funeral so it was very loud. That night we had discipleship, except Hadassah and Michelle are no longer going with us on Thursdays. Also, we apparently are no longer discipling Samuel. We are now discipling a guy named Carlitos who is a recovering alcoholic and just came to the Lord 3 months ago so I’m definitely pretty excited about that. I talked to pastor about trying to keep discipling Samuel on Thursdays and Carlitos on Friday but we will see how it goes!

Now, for the weekend. Many of us decided to go to Pepe on Friday because we only have 3 more days of Pepe left until we switch locations. We are all definitely pretty sad about it. Ashlyn and I went and wow we had so much fun. The kids were both extremely surprised and excited to see us. I really cherished that time.  Afterwards Ashlyn and I got to go eat at this delicious place in Plateau. That evening Pastor invited me to go sing at a Pentecostal church he was preaching at. I accepted joyfully! It was so much fun!

Saturday was also pretty different. Typically Matthias and I go to a gym with Derek and play in the morning. Well, Derek has a ruptured leg muscle so he’s not playing, but Jean Michelle decided he would come pick us up and go play with him. We stopped at the gym we normally play at, but the guy who organizes that wasn’t there so we left. We decided to go to a court next to his house. It was HOT. We played for about an hour and a half. My feet were on fire, but it didn’t matter because we had so much fun and made a couple more friends we can invite to our bible study on Tuesdays. After that Jean took me and Matthias to breakfast. We ordered Cachupa with an egg and wow… it was delicious. After relaxing for awhile we had Mana’s baby shower! The guys were assigned to watch about 20 kids. It was quite the exciting time! I really enjoyed it! So thats the week!

Also, after our discipleship in the interior on Sunday we got to stay at our friend Serge’s house right next to where we disciple. Its been a huge blessing to be able to just hang out with guys and a couple Cape Verdeans! So, as I said before, my week has been…. African Amazing!!!!!


Prayer requests: things are continually improving with Buba, Unity, continued energy, discipleship works out with Samuel (He’s someone I really desire to invest in), a positive attitude, and maintain a good heart



3 thoughts on “Blog 8

  1. It was awesome catching up last night! Monday nights are one of my favorite times of the week! Thank you for sharing your heart with us via blog. I love you and I pray for you daily!


  2. Really enjoyed your blog today! You’ve had a busy week. I saw the video of you singing…awesome job and way to step up and sing. Praying daily for you and the team!


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