Gods Bigger.

I think what I’m going to do is start naming my blog what I think I’m going to talk about the most. Because Blog {insert number} just seems too boring…. If y’all have any ideas of better names lemme know!

So, where do I even start? This week has been so incredibly insane but guess what!? God has not failed to come through on anything!

Im going to start with Tuesday because nothing really happened Monday. So I arrive to Pepe Tuesday morning thinking this is just another day at Pepe. Well, about 30-45 minutes into class I’m teaching Tia Edna (A teacher at Pepe) a song we are going to have to sing in English the following day for a conference. All of the sudden I see Tia Edna get up and run over to a child. She looks at me in panic and says “Isaac, vem!!” So I immediately hop out of my chair and notice this kid isn’t breathing and I had no idea what to do. He seemed like he was barely alive. Tia Edna picked him up and began screaming the other teacher name (Angela). We ran upstairs and the 3 of us began praying for him. As soon as we finished praying he began breathing (GLÓRIA A DEUS!!). So as soon as that happened Tia Angela handed the child to me and explained that Edna and I are going to take him to the hospital. So we begin running down this road while I’m holding this kid and while trying to get a taxi. It was so hectic and there were times where he would have his eyes closed and you tap him and say his name and he wouldn’t respond. It was an incredibly intense and scary experience. Long story short, we made it to the hospital and after throwing up a couple times, his fever began to break. His parents took him home and he has not been able to make it back to Pepe yet. He is okay though. God is good! I later found out the initial thing that happened was a seizure. His name is Ayilson. Keep him in your prayers! Later that evening I was confronted by Madison that after thinking and praying about it a lot she wanted to go home. I sat and talked to her for about 2 hours just pleading with her that this isn’t the best option. We read Scripture. We prayed and just hashed it out going back and forth and after a few other things happened she decided to stay. I believe the Lord was 100% in that!

Wednesday was not near as eventful. Pepe was fun and tiring as always! I practiced a ton for the “Pepe song” We were going to have to sing later that night…. in 4 different languages. We arrived to the conference, sang our song, and then a man preached for 3 1/2 hours. It was crazy. If any of you know me, you know its very difficult for me to sit still. Let me tell you, it was very difficult for me to sit still during this, especially because I want able to understand most of it.

Thursday was Hadassah’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADASSAH! Typically we do like a big celebration but it was a pretty jam packed day so we didn’t have much time. Matthias and I did have discipleship together though. The Hiace arrived at around 5:30 pm. Typically when we get in the Hiace there are a couple others in there and usually one of them is our translator. Well when we got in the van this time, there was no one, just us, and Evandro of course, who is driving. Also keep in mind that we are supposed to begin discipling 2 new guys tonight. We go to Carlitos first and then to Dinos house afterwards. Well we get to Carlitos’ house and he’s not there. We leave and head over to Dinos house. He’s not there. Well then we see Carlitos’ cousin sitting outside of a grocery story and we go disciple him. Matthias and I failed as a team because we couldn’t actually teach the lesson in Portuguese because we aren’t that good yet. So, Evandro ended up teaching and he did a great job! Praise the Lord though, we were able to get a consistent translator. God provided! After we returned from discipleship we walked over to the Brazilian center where we take language class. They threw a Christmas party and lemme tell ya the food was good. I also got to meet this woman named Flora who is from Nigeria and speaks English really well. She just so happens to be looking for a baptist church to attend here and it just so happens I go to one so we made that connection and it was really cool. The Lord continues to work!

Friday Michelle and I return to the São Filipe Pepe to see our old kids and Tias. Sadly Ashlyn wasn’t able to join us because she was feeling pretty sick. Thursday she was running a 105 degree fever. Michelle and I had a great time though. After Pepe, one of the tias asked us to go shopping with her, so we did. It wasn’t too horrible, although it definitely wasn’t something I would’ve chosen to do in my free time. Ashlyn and I also get to go disciple someone on Fridays together now. His name is Ema and he told us he has 4 kids with 4 wives. Also, yes I did say Ashlyn and I went out to disciple this guy just 1 day after she was running a 105 fever. God healed her and it was good! She even taught the lesson. I was so incredibly proud of her! Ema is a tough dude to disciple because you cant really tell if he cares. He was on his phone for a chunk of our time and then the other times he was very attentive and asking good questions. It was weird. After we had a party for Hadassah and a girl her and Michelle are discipling. We had a lot of fun. Friday was basically Hadassahs birthday.

Saturday and Sunday were both the very typical days. Everything that normally happens, happened. Except for Saturday morning. We went to the beach with our friend Chris. Matthias, Micah and I are trying to invest in the youth at our church more. We want them to become more involved in serving and doing ministry outside the church. Then Sunday, Aderito and I visited Bamba for discipleship. Bamba has recently been drinking and smoking so we have had to love him and counsel him through that.

Today is Monday and we are going to take surfing lessons!! Wish us luck!

Prayer requests: Ayilsons health, Christians health (coughing up blood), All of our discipleships to be fruitful, unity, continued success in language for my team, Aderito and I could continue to point Bamba in the direction he needs to go.

Shout out to my family! Keep them in your prayers as well!


One thought on “Gods Bigger.

  1. Sorry to hear that there has been so much sickness on the team. But not even that seems to be slowing y’all down. Praying for the people mentioned in your blog. Also praying for your discipleship with Bamba to be fruitful. Heard the surfing was a success!


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