It’s Christmas Time!

To begin I would just like to say that I’m super pumped because my brother arrives in Cape Verde in 3 days! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to have someone come visit me before. All this to say, I am just incredibly grateful for him for spending his Christmas with me out here.

Now, some beautiful things are continuing to happen here in Cape Verde. This week we had the honor of having Mr. Jerry Smith come see us. He delivered a conference on Saturday on how to make disciples. He went over several methods and techniques, of which I though all appeared effective. Another thing that happened this week was surfing lessons. In my previous blog I mentioned that we were about to go take surfing lessons. Well, we did and they went really well. I had so much fun!

Im going to be 100% honest. It is not always easy to work with a team. Its required a lot of growth from every single person to make it work. In recent days, Micah and I were having some troubles getting along. I recognize now it was a communication problem. We weren’t talking to each other about anything whether it be things that are good or bad. This went on for about a week until Saturday morning we were finally able to just talk things through and see where each of us was coming from. My relationship with Micah is one that is very important to me and just important in general. In my experiences, the times where our relationship has wavered are the times where this trip has become the most difficult or most draining. Having a team is supposed to allow you to go to those people when you need a pick me up. Not having a good relationship with someone I live with is definitely a bad thing. The Lord has proven faithful. I had been praying about it all week and just what I should do and that God would give me the right heart and it seemed just when I was about to hit my lowest Micah approached me, apologized for how things had gone and offered so much encouragement. We also started a bible study together. It is the James study done by Francis Chan. I am incredibly encouraged by the fact that I have my brother Micah to hold me accountable, encourage me, and be there for me.

Now, some other things that happened out of the ordinary this week are on Tuesday we went to Elis’ prayer meeting she hosts at her house. We ended up having both language class and JMBM canceled so it was quite the change of plans. On Wednesday we had our usual ATGCC and Michelle taught. She delivered a fantastic message about 5 characteristics of Jesus. It was Excellent. Our dear friend Joseph headed out on a mission trip with his church to the island Fogo to evangelise and disciple people. Keep them in your prayers.

This is out of the norm as well but it deserves its own paragraph. This paragraph is called discipleship. So, on Thursday Matthias and I began discipling a man named Dino (De-ee-new). We went with our translator named Danielson. We were able to really get to know him a lot better and actually want to begin discipling him as well. So, we show up to Dino’s house and he lives in a rooftop little apartment. It was probably a 8×8 ft room with just enough room to fit a bed and a tv. We talked to him, told him our stories, he told us his. It was a great time. We found out that he is a former drug dealer who used to actually hide little bags of drugs in his stomach to smuggle them through security and take them to different islands. After doing this awhile his stomach ruptured and on 3 different occasions he was pronounced dead. After getting caught he was sent to jail for a scheduled time of 8 years and 8 months. After some time in jail, he came to know the Lord. Then, after good behaviour and honestly just the Lord, he was released after serving only 3 years and 6 months. Matthias and I are so absolutely excited about walking this journey with him and watching him grow. Keep him in your prayers please! To hear more check out Matthias’ Youtube vlog!

Now, on Friday Ashlyn and I disciple Emmanuel. He has a wife and 5 kids, 2 only coming from his current wife. He has very recently decided that he has a need for Jesus and that he want to have an actually family and be a good father to his kids. His wife is still struggling to forgive him as she found out that 4 months ago Ema had another child. She was obviously quite heartbroken but she is sticking with him. Be in constant prayer the the family in Cape Verde. There are very very few kids with present fathers. This is just causing a ripple effect of corruption. God can change that and I believe He is right now!

To finish up, on Sunday Micah taught an English class/church service. The team was able to attend and it was just a great time. Micah did an incredible job. Afterwards, we invited 2 of our Cape Verdean friends, Emerson and Christopher, to come over to our house. We got some pizza, coke, sprite and just hung out. Overall, Its been an amazing week!!


2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time!

  1. I’m so glad that God has brought you even closer to Micah. Sometimes it takes something like this to make you really open up to each other and in turn to grow closer in Christ. I like that you always have such encouraging words about and for your teammates. I know you must be super excited about having your brother with you for Christmas! I’m counting the days til February when I can see Abigail. Praying for you.


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