Long Time, No Blog!

Wow, its been a long time since I’ve been able to write a blog. I have definitely missed it. Since I last wrote, Christmas has passed, it’s a whole new year and the worst of all, Duke has landed the top 3 high school basketball players in the nation. Oh, and the best thing is the fact that my beautiful brother Taylor has joined me here in Cape Verde until March 2nd!


Christmas was an amazing time here in Cape Verde! If you would like to see what we did check out Matthias’ vlog on YouTube (Matthias Sarrell)! Also shout out to mom and dad for the amazing Christmas gifts and the Fruity Pebbles! After Christmas we didn’t do too much! The Wednesday after we were able to drive up to Tarrafal which was so much fun!


Okay, before I continue allow me to just say Go Gamecocks for beating Michigan on New Years! That was such an amazing game. Also shout out to Phillip and Sarah Pritchard for letting me use your house and TV to watch the game! Little did I know I was about to spend a whole week with the Pritchards… We left January 2nd to go to Pedra Badejo, a city about 30-45 minutes away from Palmarejo depending on who you’re riding with. Our friend Serge has an apartment there so Micah, Mathias and I have stayed there a number a times. Keep in mind at the point of departure from Palmarejo we still have no idea what we are doing. All we know is where we are going. Well about 30 minutes after we arrive there Taylor breaks the news to us. We were going to be working at a pastor’s house, laying cement as well as painting Phillips seminary that we were staying at. We arrived on a Tuesday and would be leaving on the following Monday. I knew this was going to be a long week. I was really struggling the first day. I felt pretty attacked by diablo (the devil). In the evening that day I was able to take a walk with Micah and go down the beach. We just talked and it just helped lift everything off my shoulders. Pretty much after that point I was ready to go! It was all about the grind starting Wednesday. I learned how to mix cement, make floors using rocks and cement, paint… a lot, and also I learned how to throw cement on a ceiling. Talk about a messy job. Overall this week was so amazing. We had devotions 2 times a day which was easily the best part of the week. At night after devotion, we had a Frisbee throwing competition, which by the way I won! Looking back on the week I thank the Lord for allowing me to have that week. I grew so much and learned to much and I am soooo blessed and grateful for God putting Phillip and Sarah in my life even if it was for that week alone.


After that week it was all about trying to figure out our goal here and what are we trying to do. We have 4 months left and its time to really begin establishing our ministries and setting them up to last even after we leave. God has been so faithful and gracious to me and my team. We have seen over 25 people saved while we have been here and have seen 6 new house churches started in Praia. I have 2 discipleship groups that I lead right now and starting a new one this following Friday. A man named Dino and a man named Emmanuel along with his family. This last week we challenged both Dino and Emmanuel to bring a friend to our discipleship. Our goal is to train these people to be able to lead these groups on their own so they may be able to not only lead others to Christ but to lead them during their Christian walk to become stronger believers. In our ministry with Jean Michelle we saw around 35 kids show up to our bible study! We started with 1! This past weekend at our home church in Terra Branca, we saw 52 kids in Sunday school. We started with around 15. During the service after SS there was 9 people who stood up declaring they were getting baptized, 1 of them was Emmanuel! GOD IS BIG! I am soo ecstatic about what God is doing! I ask that anyone who reads this would be praying for these discipleship groups, our Sunday school, Hadassah and Micah as they switched churches to a church in Achada Matu in order to help grow that church and the Lord be glorified! Also be in prayer for Titi, a disciple of Hadassah and Michelle, as she is leading a house church!


Thank you to everyone who has been praying or is starting today! We need that and we are so so grateful! Deus abençoe!


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