Pretty Much Just Prayer Blog

This is a really short blog but I just want to come to you wonderful people today asking for continued prayers for language and just that my team can take all of our ministries here seriously. With only 4 months left, we are faced with the problem of time! In only a month and a half, a short term team will arrive. While they are here a number of us are going to have to translate for them. This is a big task! I can say this makes me very nervous because, although my language isn’t bad, its not in near good enough shape to translate the Gospel. I humbly ask for prayers for this.

On top of this I ask that all of you pray for each of our personal and group ministries we are involved in right now. With only 4 months left, we have to begin really laying the foundation for these ministries to thrive even after we are gone. We have begun challenging our disciples to bring friends and even asking our disciples to teach lessons to others. Our hope and desire is that these men and women will eventually begin their own home churches and lead bible studies of their own, furthermore, continuing the multiplication of disciples he in Cabo Verde! All prayer is so appreciated and God bless you!

Other prayer requests: New discipleship group starting with Ashlyn on Friday, Matthias and Abigail are both not feeling well, as a result of me bleaching my hair I got “Bleach burn” and it got infected so healing for that, Hadassah and Micah recently started discipling multiple people in Achada Matu so prayer for fruit in those homes, Dino and Ima would continue seeking growth in Christ, God would be preparing our hearts for trips to Brava, God would begin working in hearts of the young men and women coming on the short term trip, unity for the team.


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