Whoa, Prayer is Powerful Blog

Okay, so I am currently just blown away. I need to first just give a huge internet hug to ALL people who have been praying because man God is answering those left and right! I posted those prayer requests on Wednesday and each day since then has just been a little more God filled. Let’s start with Thursday.

Thursday was a very relaxed day! We didn’t have much until about 5:30. At 5:30 Matthias and I were scheduled to go meet with our disciple, Dino. Well, in Cape Verde, plans change. Dino messaged us back about 5:00 and said that he was in Tarrafal about 2 hours away for work. Well, my natural reaction was to just go home and maybe watch a movie or something but God had something better in mind. Earlier that day, Derek had met with a friend of ours, Christian. Christian had expressed interest in joining our discipleship. Well because I knew he was going to meet us my first reaction after finding out Dino couldn’t meet was to tell Derek to call Christian and tell him. Derek had suggested to me that I should still just go meet with Christian and Danielson. He mentioned that that could both use a lot of love, encouragement and prayer. So, Matthias and I went and met with them. Initially, we met at Pão Quente and neither of them were there. After waiting about 15 minute I went and looked across the street and found Christian but Danielson still hadn’t shown. While we were sitting there with Christian, Diva walked by. I quickly went out to her and asked where she was off to and she replied “Casa de Danielson”. Well I decided, “Ya know what, let’s go to Danielson’s house. While we were there we also had the opportunity to pray for his mother who as of recent times has been very sick. After praying we asked Danielson if we could just meet at his house and talk about the Bible. We talked for a few minutes, prayed for both of them and then began conversation. As we were praying God began laying things on my heart to share. This was the first time I had felt God speaking through me to this extent. I am not super Bible smart. I have trouble memorizing scripture of finding the deeper meaning but God was speaking, not me. It was a beautiful time together and man, God is working and its very clear.

Friday I had discipleship with Ashlyn. I had spent the morning working on a script for a play we would perform the following Sunday. What I neglected to do was study for my discipleships later that night and because we normally have language class on Friday I wouldn’t have time to study later. Well we go to language class at 3 pm only to find out it had been canceled. Well, although I totally didn’t deserve time, God blessed me with it. I quickly went home and began studying diligently. At 4:45 pm we headed to discipleship. We began around 5 and finished at about 6:45 pm. I thought God was really working in Ima’s heart as well as his wife’s. It was so encouraging to see it happen. Micah translated and did an excellent job! God is working in that home. After that, we went to a new discipleship. There we talked to 3 adults and about 6 kids. We talked about creation and I think the message was well received! This family is made up of almost all new believers and the majority can not read so it presented a challenge but God comes through in huge ways!

Saturday was adventurous. I basically walked around the whole day with Joseph looking for people who haven’t attended Sunday School in a few weeks or just people who go but maybe aren’t super involved. Every person we visited or talked to was extremely receptive and kind. I even was able to start a new discipleship group. So, God was all up in this situation as well. The coolest part was that every single person we visited showed up to church the next day!

Sunday was so much fun! It was Pastor’s day and we were able to perform our skit! Every single person on the team who was involved did an amazing job! I really think the church enjoyed it a lot! I had the privilege of playing Pastor Emanuel and the whole day people in the church were calling me pastor! I had a lot of fun with it! Later in the day I was able to hear all about Micah and Hadassah’s day in Achada Matu. I mentioned them in my prayer blog. They are taking on a big task in Achada Matu and from what I hear God Is coming through in BIG ways! Every single person on our team is so appreciate of those prayers! The power of prayer is so unbelievably amazing! I am continually so blown away and blessed by Gods favor on our team! God bless everyone! Thank you for reading!

Prayer Requests: Ashlyns health, Achada Matu ministry with Micah and Hadassah, My head is almost completely better, Dino would come to church and bring friend to discipleship, Ima would bring a friend to discipleship, Danielson and Christian as they need work that they would find it, Danielson’s mom’s health, Hadassah and Michelles disciple Angela would get baptized, Titi’s house church would thrive, Pepe and health for kids.


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