A Weekend in Fogo

What a week it has been! We’ve had incredible discipleships to a trip to a new island and not to mention sliding down the side of a volcano. This last week has been filled with new experiences! I don’t know where to start!

I guess I’ll just start with Wednesday. First off Matthias, Madeline and Ashlyn left for Brava for a weekend to go disciple and love on people in Brava. It was really empty around the house without them! Later that day Abigail and I began discipling a friend named Wilson. He is a member of our church but his grandmother passed away recently and he hasn’t come. He lives with his mother, aunt and sister along with a number of little kids. I see a lot of potential for him as well as his family to grow and flourish in their relationship with Christ. We went the 1st time last Wednesday and he seemed interested, had a good questions and just seemed like he wanted to learn. Of course, as the person teaching, this was very exciting! We finished off that evening with ATGCC. Taylor taught and we just had a great time.

Thursday was quite the day! At 2:30 I went with Micah to go to discipleship. On Thursdays he and Ashlyn typically go and disciple a man named Lucidio. Well, since Ashlyn wasn’t here he asked me to go with him. I joyfully accepted. When we got there we were prepared to teach 2 different lessons for two circumstances. The previous meeting Micah and Ashlyn had with him, they challenged him to go reconcile with some people in his zone. Well if he had reconciled we were going to really just encourage him and teach him a lesson about the next steps. If he hadn’t then we were going to teach him about reconciling with others. Well After teaching the lesson we had further conversation and he began to feel very offended. Right about the climax of the conversation Taylor knocked on the door to pick us up. Well while Lucidio went to get the door Micah and I just prayed silently for Lucidio to just receive the message. Well, by the end of it all It seemed like it had finally clicked with him. Keep him in your prayers as Ashlyn and Micah continue returning to help him grow.

After that all occurred Micah and I went to Dino’s house despite not having my usual discipleship partner, Matthias. We went to Dino’s house expecting Danielson and to our disappointment did not find him there. We did find someone new though, Dino’s brother. This was really cool because I hadn’t ever met him before! Well about 10 minutes after arriving to Dino’s house Danielson ends up coming. This was such a huge blessing. He had really been struggling recently because his mother is very sick and he is having a very hard time finding a job. Well when he came to Dinos house he seemed like a totally different person. Shortly after arrived he explained to us how he just decided to 100% dedicate his life to Christ. He wasn’t going to be back and forth anymore. This was such a HUGE blessing! I almost cried after hearing this. Well since Danielson came he helped translate. He did a spectacular job! After we had finished teaching we all laid hands on Dino’s brother because he’s had chronic hip pain for 2 years. We prayed for him and after he stood up confessing to feel much better. This was just another HUGE blessing from our powerful God!

Friday was the day we were supposed to go to Fogo… well at about 3:30 pm we found out the boat was broken so we weren’t going to be able to go. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out. We all went and played some games at the beach, and at pizza later that night. It was really relaxing although a little bit disappointing.

Saturday we left for Fogo. We arrived in the Evening and were greeted by our amazing teammates, Matthias, Madeline and Ashlyn. I was so happy to see them. It had only been 3 days but it felt like much longer. After we left the port we went to eat at this Italian pizza place. IT WAS SO GOOD! They also had ice cream which was easily the best I’ve had in Cape Verde.

Sunday was the big day. We were off to climb the big volcano. Its elevation is 9281 feet so it’s definitely not small. We woke up at 5:30 am and left at about 6 am. It took about 45 minutes to get there and once we got there it was quite the adventure. We struggled finding our way but after about an hour and a half of driving around the volcano on the incredibly bumpy road, we found our place. We ate breakfast at this super amazing motel. They served us coffee, juice, bread, cheese, preserves, etc. It was excellent. Then we continued on our journey to find out guide. That took another 20-30 minutes. Once we found them we were off. It was a gruesome walk up. It was a 6 mile hike up and it took us about 4 hours. This was easily the most difficult and crazy hike I’ve ever experienced. There were moments where I thought we had to almost be there but we were still hundreds of yards away. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were all very relieved to have arrived to the top. Then the question arose, “how are we getting down?” This was a question I was extremely afraid of but little did I know this would be the most fun part. We started out inching ourselves down little by little until we hit it. What is “it” you ask? If you can imagine sliding down a massive wall of cocoa pebbles. This is how it felt. Feet were sinking down into the volcanic rock at least a foot. We were able to run, yes, run down the rest of the mountain. It was beautiful. After we all got back we were so exhausted! We were invited to eat dinner with a pastor later that night which was extremely tasty and to finish off the day we ate ice cream. Yes, it was a really good trip.

Prayer requests: Energy, Dino and his brother, Lucidio receiving the word that was spoken to him.



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