Blog… I lost count

Recently, I barely can keep track of what day it is. What I do know right now is that my parents arrive in 4 days. This is pretty crazy because I remember thinking this week was an eternity away. Now, its here.

This past week we have been watching secret church videos on how to study the Bible. I know that this is a skill I really desire to have because I’ve never been really good at learning about scripture. On this trip, I have a quiet time everyday, but it got to the point where I felt like I was just mindless reading. I tried thinking of solutions and then one day I remembered that I’d seen someone write down what they read about, so then I started doing that. Well after that it felt like all I was doing was just writing down exactly what the Bible says. Then we started learning and man I know that its helped me tremendously. I feel like I can sit down and study any passage of scripture and get something out of it. Im extremely grateful for this!

Well, they say the best way to learn something is to teach it. On Thursday, Dino was working so I decided to just meet with Danielson and Christian. I had nothing prepared so I just prayed God would lay something on my heart and He did. He laid on my heart to teach them about what I had just learned, how to study the Bible. We went through one passage together, began dissecting it, and talked through it. They both seemed to really understand what I had told them and received it well. I gave them homework to read and repeat with the following passage and we would go over it the following week so I’m looking forward to see where that goes.

Friday Ashlyn and I were totally unprepared. We somehow made it all the way up to after language class without thinking about having a translator for our lesson we were going to teach to Ima and his wife Ja. Well we got really stressed out and started messaging people but no-one answered. We were going to have to do this on our own. We got in a taxi and headed over there. We started out with just some small talk to get conversation going and then after about 15 minutes we began the lesson. Well instead of teaching the lesson we prepared we just taught the same thing I had taught the previous day. I trusted that God would lead our discussion and oh boy did He ever! He lead it not just for the allotted time of the lesson but beyond. We stayed for a full hour after we finished the lesson. He bought us a coke and some crackers and we just sat and talked, in a different language! God is big!

Saturday morning we spent helping Christian build his house! We were there for about 4 hours and we just laid concrete and stacked blocks! After that I began doing church visitations with Joseph. We were able to visit about 3 or 4 houses! It was a great time of just being able to pray and encourage people. Later that night after visitations we got to go play volleyball which as always was a lot of fun!

Overall God worked in some amazing ways this week and I trust He will continue! Thank you everyone who has been praying and in going to continue! Thanks for reading!



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