Parents Week and the Week Before that… Also a Little of My Trip to Another Island

Okay I’m gonna be 100% honest… I don’t actually remember the week before parents week but I definitely remember planning a lot for parent week. So let’s just pick up at parents week day 1.

They arrived at the airport Friday the 16th and I was surprised when I looked up after hugging and see my brother hugging what initially looks like 2 strangers but after my eyes adjusted I soon realized it was my grandparents! It was the craziest surprise because those are the LAST people I would’ve expected to randomly show up in the Cape Verde airport. I was feeling crazy blessed in that moment and throughout the whole week.

This week was filled with all sorts of emotion including but not limited to: stress, joy, and I don’t know, some others. My family was able to visit multiple of my ministries that I do throughout the week and I was proud of my grandparents who were troopers the whole week! I think I only heard 1 complaint the whole week. It was awesome! This was all while visiting the craziest market on the island…. twice, climbing a 38 meter lighthouse and driving an hour to a very poor part of the island to put on a health clinic for the people, which by the way they were very involved in. All this to say, I was very proud.

Also speaking of ministry, I had a very fruitful week with my discipleships. It was filled with lots of tears and healing. God is working in the hearts of so many people here! Overall I believe my family was really able to see what we are doing here and I know that were impacted by that. It was a blessing for me to see. I have so much to write about but I’m trying to keep it short so bare with me.

After all this had ended, I decided to take a trip to another island called Maio. It’s a very small island and on ferry its about a 2 1/2 hr ride. Taylor and I spent the weekend there with Jean Michelle. The first evening we arrived was fairly eventful. We ate like 3 meals in 3 hours, met about 15 people and walked like 3 miles… all after 7pm.

The next morning we ate a roll with cheese for breakfast, went and rented a car and began our tour of the island with Jean. He claims a straight drive around the island would take about 30 minutes… but I beg to differ. Anyway, we were able to visit almost all 25 beaches on Maio. Almost all of them are white sand and the water is the most blue of any water I’ve ever seen. It was so beautiful but this didn’t come without some extra adventure. Jean Michelle really like so go off road which in this case meant off into the sand. This also meant getting stuck 3 times having to dig out the car and push. It was so much fun and worth every moment! And now that I’m back in Praia I just can’t wait to go back.



2 thoughts on “Parents Week and the Week Before that… Also a Little of My Trip to Another Island

  1. Your grandparents are truly amazing and that was so sweet to see the surprise on your face. We enjoyed being with all of you and getting just a taste of what y’all do everyday. Makes me more proud of you all for what you are doing. Continued prayers for you and the team. Much love.


  2. So great to hear about all you’re doing there! We miss you but love more what you’re doing in ministry. Hugs and basketball!


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