March Madness

Ya know as ironic as it is, I couldn’t think of a better name for this blog. March has been good. Its been a month of change without a doubt but good. As I take a look back on March, I find it so hard to imagine my brother was here not to long ago. It feels as if he’s been gone for months. This month is taking its time. I’m doing my absolute best to cherish each day here and treat it as if it were my last. I want to leave a lasting impact of Christ here in Cape Verde and that’s only going to happen if I make much of Christ in all I do.

Now, to touch on a little more of what I’ve been doing. Last week was a really cool week! I felt busy out of my mind but nonetheless, it was fun. 2 weeks ago we went around the houses of our current discipleship groups and invited people to come to our disciples home. Well Both of my discipleship partners agreed that it’d be cool if we allowed our disciples to teach. So, this week, on different days, I visited Christian and Ima to teach them a lesson which in turn they could study and teach 2 days later.

Matthias and I arrived to Christians house on Thursday with certain expectations and they were not met. Our pastor had told us that Christian isn’t ready to teach yet. Now, we still don’t know exactly why but we were told a big reason was inconsistent church attendance. This was obviously frustrating for Matthias and I but we just have to understand and accept what pastor Emanuel says is right. As far as Ima’s house goes, I am actually still waiting to hear back. This last weekend I had the opportunity to go to 2 different islands, São Vicente and Santo Antão.

While we were there we were able to do multiple house visits to people in the church and while we were doing that we had a few opportunities to share the Gospel. I went with a pastor and a great friend of mine, Phillip and Matthias. This was more fun than you could imagine. We were able to do what we needed to do and work hard at that but then laugh like there’s no end at other times. I wish I had more to share but that’s just about it. Thank you to all who read! God bless you!



One thought on “March Madness

  1. Love your blogs as always. Packed full of Christ. Push on and make the most of this journey as it is coming to a close…but only this part of the journey. I know that you will continue to do great things in God’s name when you return to the States. Persevere. Prayers and lots of love sent your way.


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