I know its been awhile since I’ve blogged, but this is something that needs to be shared. The past 5 days have been some of the best of my life. I went to an island called Brava, one of the ten islands of Cape Verde. I went with 3 of my teammates, Matthias, Ashlyn and Madison. While we were there we were able to do SO much! I want to give you a little info about Brava before I dive in too far.

Brava is the smallest island in Cape Verde, in both size and population. It contains about 6,000 people on the whole island. There is no official baptist church in the main villages we were working with, although there is a Nazarene Church which is the next closest thing. The town we stayed in is called Baleia, Portuguese for whale. If I could guess, I would say about 30 people lived in this village. In order to get to Baleia you have to take a Hiace to the closest village, Mato Grande and walk about a mile up and down hills to get there. You have to see it to understand really how difficult it was. Hopefully within this week Matthias will have posted a video about our trip so you can check that out. Also last thing I want to add is that it is SIGNIFICANTLY colder in Brava, easily getting down into the 40s Fahrenheit at night. I would also argue that in general Brava has the most gruesome and difficult mountains to manoeuvre around other than the island of Santo Antonio.

Any who, lets dive in to what happened. The evening we arrived we were welcomed with wide open arms by a woman name Emilia. She is in the top 5 of the most sweet women I’ve ever met. We had just finished making the horrific hike with all of our bags so let just say I was a little sweaty. Also keep in mind I’ve never met this woman and she runs up and gives me a huge and long hug! I was so thrown off guard but feeling so blessed already. Later that night we had a bible study with her and after she decided to follow Jesus!! This was SOO AMAZING! What an amazing heart and soul to win for Christ. Well the sleeping situation wasn’t the best but Matthias and I had to make due. We stayed on an air mattress on the ground and were pleasantly greeting by 10-20 cockroaches and spiders all over the room as well as two of your friendly neighborhood rats. These weren’t just any insects/rodents… these were super sized. Well I struggled to sleep as I couldn’t get over my paranoia of these insects and rodents crawling all over me. And not to mention the noise they were making. You could straight up hear the footsteps of these cockroaches. Well anyways, the next day Matthias, I and 2 other of our Cape Verdean friends went and visited homes in the village of Mato Grande. This was a sweet time of encouraging believers as well as witnessing to those who aren’t believers. At about 12:30 pm we walked back over to Baleia where the girls had a women’s Bible Study. Ashlyn and Madison taught 5 women, 4 of which didn’t know Jesus and 1 being Emilia who accepted Christ the night before. Madison taught in English and Ashlyn translated and the Lord miraculously gave Ashlyn the ability to speak creole perfectly and guess what!? ALL FOUR OF THE WOMEN GAVE THEIR LIVE TO CHRIST! After the study they were already talking of starting their own study together. 5 people got saved in 2 days in a village of about 30. This is only God! The next day we walked all around the island. We stopped in a village called Vila to pick up a woman named Vania who we are training to become a leader for Christ there in her village. After we got her we continued walking along visiting multiple houses, sharing Christ and encouraging people. Eventually we arrive to Cxas, a really small town as well. There we are training up a man named Zê to be a church leader as well. After we arrived we found out that Zê actually moved to Baleia which s pretty crazy. So after a few hours in Cxas we left back to Baleia and spent the rest of the evening there. The next day we stayed in Baleia the whole day and just visited a lot of people there.

I tell you guys all this just to say that God is so powerful and despite all the things that try to hold us back from giving Him glory, we still have the victory in Jesus!! Remember this and be bold in sharing the Gospel and sharing your testimony! God wants to use you to grow His kingdom so listen to His voice and allow yourself to be used by Him!


Many Blessings,

Isaac Condrey


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